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Mud Rotary

Mud Rotary Drilling

Mud Rotary Drilling, Newcastle Utah

What is Mud Rotary Drilling?

Mud rotary drilling is a type of water well drilling that depends on the use of mud, bentonite, and water to support the boreholes during drilling. This is a great option for sites that have loose sediment. During the mud rotary drilling process, a mud cake wall is built around the perimeter of the borehole that keeps unconsolidated deposits stable during drilling. As the borehole is drilled, cuttings of the hole are pushed to the surface. 
Once the mud is brought to the surface, it is collected in a mud pan where the cuttings settle to the bottom and the mud is recirculated down the borehole. 

mud rotary drilling

In addition to the cuttings that are brought to the surface, additional mud is introduced as the borehole gets deeper. A big benefit to using this process of mud caking is the safety it provides. The mud cake wall can seal off potential gas zones that could be harmful to the surrounding area. The mud cake also provides a seal against water bearing zones.

Mud Rotary Benefits

Drill through unconsolidated ground formations.The method is adaptable to a wide range of geologic conditions.

Keep unconsolidated formations open and boreholes stable

Seal off water bearing zones and formations

Seal off potential gas zones

Seal off potential gas zones

Very fast and efficient means of drilling. Efficient rigs can produce several thousand feet of hole per day.

Serving Southern Utah, Northern Arizona and Eastern Nevada regions. 
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