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Air Rotary

Air Rotary Drilling

Air Rotary Drilling, Newcastle Utah

What is Air Rotary Drilling?

Air rotary drilling is a type of water well drilling that uses a method of drilling to drill deep boreholes in rock formations. This type of drilling method uses air, water, and foam to circulate the air and cool the drill bit. As the drill bit advances it will bring drill cuttings to the surface which will help maintain the structure of the borehole. The air is supplied by a large compressor, which then moves that air to the swivel hose connected to the drill pipe. The cuttings will be removed from the area when the air going down the drill pipe leaves. When the air escapes, it will bring the cuttings up and to the surface. Continuous removal of drill cuttings is essential in all rotary methods to keep the hole clean and the bit moving freely.

Air Rotary Well Drilling

Air Rotary Benefits

Significantly lowered impact on the environment.

Maximized penetration rate. Cuttings removal is extremely rapid as the cuttings are ground to dust a the air pushes the dust to the surface. Especially with highly resistant rock such as dolomite or basalt.

Good bore cleaning capabilities since the cuttings are brought to the surface in the form of dust that is easily combined with water and foam to aid in clearing out the cuttings from the bore hole. 

Bit life of the drill is extended that also aids in lower cost of service overall. 

Works well with other drilling methods for maximum efficiency

No maintenance cost for mud pumps and there is a decrease in cost overall compared to other drilling methods. 

Serving Southern Utah, Northern Arizona and Eastern Nevada regions. 
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