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Anzalone Drilling and Pumps, New Castle UT

Water: A Valuable Resource

Water is one of life’s most important resources. It is also one of many things, in this life that is taken for granted. We never really appreciate or understand the importance of water until it’s no longer available. The process of getting water from the earth to your drinking glass is very seldom thought about until your faucet no longer gives you water. Our daily lives depend on water in so many aspects that we tend to overlook how very valuable it truly is. Water is detrimental to our very existence and to almost everything that surrounds us. Without water, life would cease to exist. 

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Anzalone Drilling & Pumps, LLC. is owned and operated by Jeremy Anzalone. Jeremy is a third generation Well Driller. He started working in this business when he was very young, under the supervision of his Father. Along side his two brothers, Jeremy gained experience and knowledge while working hands on in the industry. He has over 25 years of experience.

Understanding the process of drilling wells can be complicated. There isn’t a college or university that offers classes or careers in this industry. In order to learn, you have to get your hands dirty. One must gain experience by doing. This industry is a small majority of the career field, but it is one of the most important. Without Well Drillers, there would be very little access to water. 

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Anzalone Drilling & Pumps, LLC. is a very involved company. We enjoy dealing with our clients directly. You will find Jeremy on every work site, putting in long hours next to any of his employees. We encourage clients to ask questions and feel free to be involved in the process. Our focus is putting in an honest day’s work and doing our best to please our clients. Our reputation is very important to us. It is built on happy clients, honesty, and hard work. We look forward to meeting new people and making new friends. 

Anzalone Drilling
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