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Need a Local Utah Well Drilling Expert?

Well Drilling, Utah

Family Owned and Operated with 25 Years of Utah Well Drilling Experience

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Deciding to drill a well can have a lot of options and great benefits. The natural aquifers and ground water on your property are a great resource and there are many benefits. The water is clear, safe and contains minerals that are great for drinking or agriculture. It also can save you money as there are no utilities cost. Water well drilling is a great way to access the groundwater on your land. Drilling a well does require specialized equipment as well as professionals who have the experience to help you choose the best drilling method that will benefit you the best. Our experts at Anzalone Drilling and Pumps have 25 years experience in the state of Utah, a friendly crew and equipment that can make the process fast and stress free for you.

Well Drilling Services

Mud rotary drilling is a type of well drilling that depends on the use of bentonite and water (mud) strong enough to stabilize the borehole during drilling, yet light enough to be removed after well drilling is complete.

Air rotary well drilling is a type drilling that uses compressed air, water, and foam to circulate through the bore hole.

Water well maintenance is important to the water quality and should be routinely cleaned and disinfected.

  • Agricultural Drilling

  • Residential Drilling

  • Commercial Drilling

  • Municipal

  • Air Jetting

  • Wire Brushing

  • Well Abandonments

  • Well Disinfection

  • Down Hole Camera

  • Well Rehabilitation

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Every water well needs a pump that will run consistently and efficiently. The pump is the main component of the water well that pumps water from underground to the surface and throughout your property. If your water stops flowing, it is usually contributed to the water well needing a pump repair or replacement.  It is just as important to keep your pump well maintained and serviced as it is the well. Periodic inspection of the well pump is recommended to prevent potential issues or down time in the future. Anzalone Drilling and Pumps LLC offers a variety of well pump services, pump diagnostics, well pump repairs and new well pump installations.

Well Pump Services

Submersible water well pumps are used to pump water up from the ground into your home. The pump being below ground results in many advantages.

Want to save money and energy? A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a drive that helps power the water pump. The varying frequencies help save money and energy and also extends the life of the pump system.

A great way to conserve energy and use natural resources is to power your well pump with solar energy. This is a great option to help save money as well.

The pump is the most crucial part of the well. If the pump stops working (for many possible reasons), you're out of water. We have a variety of pump maintenance services to prevent down time.

Recent Water Well Projects

We Have Built A Reputation We Are Proud Of


We are a family owned business and trust and friendship is important to us. Honesty is a very important part of who we are as business. 


With 25 years of experience we know what hard work is. We will take the time and effort needed to make sure our clients are taken care of. 


The satisfaction of our clients is the most important aspect of our business. We like meeting new people and helping them with all their well drilling and pump needs. 


"Great company got it done fast and love having water"

Dillon Cox, Utah

"These guys are the best! Came in - drilled - got us our water - cleaned up- and did a wonderful job! Can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. If you need a well drilled - these are the guys that can do it and do it well! ha ha"

—Clarinda Sellers, Utah

"Hey you did such an amazing job here I have referred you to some friends out on the west desert. Thanks again"

—Debra Adair McKee‎, Utah 

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